NeuroTrail is a family of wireless wearables for the capture of EEG, enabling experts and non-experts alike to record clinical-grade EEG effortlessly.

Additionally, NeuroTrail captures accelerometer and gyroscopic movement data for online artefact detection and correction.

NeuroTrail has been ergonomically designed for ease of use, and to be comfortable for long-term and repeated wear in everyday situations.

The gel-free electrodes drastically reduce the set-up and clean-up time associated with conventional gelled electrodes. Their modular design enables the use of between one and eight electrodes positioned anywhere within the international 10 / 20 system for placing EEG electrodes on the scalp.

This flexibility facilitates their use in a wide variety of applications spanning conventional EEG research to health and wellness such as EEG guided meditation and cognitive brain training.

NeuroTrail integrates seamlessly with our software applications to allow instant analysis, visualisation and streaming of captured EEG data, enabling remote EEG applications such as telemonitoring and neurofeedback in real-time from any location.

NeuroTrail’s bundled SDK enables in-depth analysis of captured EEG and development of new applications via patented algorithms and advanced visualisations.

The technology

NeuroTrail makes use of the latest advances in chip design and sensor technology. It features one to eight channels captured with state-of-the-art integrated electronics and gel-free electrodes. The headset also features a nine-axis inertial sensor (three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope) for monitoring a range of movements for developing real-time artefact detection and rejection algorithms. Recorded data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth or Bluetooth-LE. Thus, NeuroTrail delivers clinical-grade EEG signals at a low energy cost enabling extended recordings with a very small device footprint and weight.

Partner with us

If you are interested in using NeuroTrail in your own research or in the development of other applications, please get in touch.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from a person with epilepsy

"A device that allows some kind of warning gives you control, and the one thing that people with severe epilepsy don't have is control. And if you're granted it, then your life is transformed."